Five great documentaries about the air war in WWI

NOVA First Air War coverI’m an avid enthusiast of aviation history, especially of the time before jets. In this post, I’ll share five great documentaries that I’ve found about the first air war over the trenches during World War I. They are all available on YouTube.

The first documentary is by PBS NOVA and is called First Air War. It follows the crew at The Vintage Aviator in New Zealand that reconstructs WWI-era biplanes to flying condition. I previously wrote about TVA on my history blog and am very fond of their enterprise.

The second documentary that I’ve watched is truly exceptional. It’s part of the World War I in Color series and is called “Blood in the Air.” One of the amazing things about it (besides the wonderful retouched color footage) is the actual interviews with participants of the combat. Prior to watching it, I had never seen real-life interviews with WWI veterans before.

The third documentary is called 4 Years of Thunder, and I just finished watching it today. One of the best things about it is that it seems to be narrated by the same person as was the series Wings of the Luftwaffe: he’s got a great voice. The footage and content give a very nice overview as well.

The fourth documentary I watched a while ago and is probably the oldest of the bunch. It’s called Aces: A Story of the First Air War and has more of a personal feel to it. I remember enjoying it when I saw it.

Finally, we have Flying Coffins: The First World War in the Air. I have yet to see this one! But from the first few minutes, it looks to be another winner. I hope to watch it tonight. Enjoy these documentaries, happy viewing, and safe flying! Until next time…