My virtual flying plans in FSEconomy

The slogan of FSEconomy–a free persistent virtual world of aircraft, airports, and passengers–is “as fun as it gets.” As someone who’s been around the block with flight simulators and addons of all sorts, I tend to agree.

The first aircraft I owned in FSEconomy was N85AL, a Grumman G-21 Goose that I flew all over the western coast of the United States and into Baja California. Here is a map of my virtual adventures:

Map of FSEconomy flights in G-21 Goose

The Goose is a fun aircraft to fly and has many challenging elements to it: twin engines, tailwheel, seaplane, vintage warbird, retractable gear, and more. 

But after flying the Goose for hundreds of hours, I was looking for something more modern to practice my VFR and IFR virtual flying. So I traded my trusty (and rusty) N85AL Goose for N86IA, a Cessna Citation 510 Mustang.

The addon I will be using to fly it is Flight1’s Cessna Mustang for FSX. Here is a screenshot of the exterior of the Mustang:

Flight1 Mustang exterior screenshot

And here is one of the flight deck:

Flight1 Mustang flight deck screenshot

My Mustang, which I acquired with helpful financing from Capital Aircraft Financing, is currently located in New Zealand, quite far from my FSE “home” airport of 9CA7, Harris River Ranch (where I “own” an FBO). But I decided to make an adventure out of ferrying the aircraft, exploring several countries (circled in red below) along the way from Auckland to California:

Map of FSE flight path from NZ to CA

I hope to have many adventures in the Mustang as I did in the Goose in FSEconomy. If you’re a flight simmer and haven’t checked out FSE yet, why not give it a shot?


2 thoughts on “My virtual flying plans in FSEconomy

  1. Chas June 25, 2016 / 4:25 am

    How are you?…I like your stuff here. My name is Chas, and you were recommended by the “On the Glideslope” blog and videographer… … He built his own Cessna Sim in his basement…I have yet to memorize his name…so it’s Probably Alan,…but he has gotten quite good at Sim Vlogging.

    I tried FSE a wild back, as a matter fact I think Ive got about $10,000 in the bank but;
    1. I could never figure out how I could advance to the point of affording a plane, much less an FBO, and;
    2.while I figured out how to import a nonexistent FSX/P3d FS9 airport into Scruffy’s ADE and export a usable P3D airport, the process got to be tedious, and; I couldn’t see how to make a decent profit by renting jobs for planes that I already paid for in my real simming life.

    Your little blurb here reminded me of my meager but still viable FSE bank account and made me wonder if, with the proper guidance and tips, I could re-kindle my little relationship with FSEconomy.

    Thanks for your words and thoughts,



  2. Alex L. June 25, 2016 / 9:35 pm

    Thank you for your comment, Chas! I have a few further recommendations about FSEconomy:

    1). Fly the planes and routes you enjoy, not necessarily the ones that bring in lots of money. This was advice given to me about FSE, and it has contributed to my enjoyment as well.

    2). If you DO decide to go on a money-acquiring campaign, pick an aircraft with lots of passenger room (like the C-46, which can seat 50 PAX), get a freeware model for it on, and fly short to medium length multi-leg trips. So, for instance, check out the C-46 currently located in L04 Hotville Airport on FSE. There are enough jobs at that airport now to to fill the C-46 to capacity, and the destinations are all relatively close to each other, making for a rather short multi-leg trip. But that one trip can net you $30,000+! Three or four such trips and you can buy a Cessna 172 to own on FSE.

    3). Another faster track to (almost) owning an aircraft on FSE is to get financing through a company like Capital Aircraft Financing, which I linked to above. Their website is very easy to use and after sending your downpayment, you can be the automatic owner of a new aircraft through their automated system. You’ll have it leased to you while you pay the remainder of the aircraft off, so you have to plan accordingly to make payments (with interest).

    I hope this helps and happy virtual flying (on FSE or not)!


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