Four GA flights so far


In my adult life, I’ve flown four flights so far in light general aviation (GA) aircraft. One was a “discovery” flight in a Cessna 172 in Calgary, Alberta. The second was a flight lesson in a Diamond DA20 Eclipse with the Edmonton Flying Club in Alberta. And the other two were in 2015 in the Los Angeles area with my friend Matt, who already has a private pilot license (PPL), in rented Diamond DA40 Diamond Star aircraft. I hope to post pictures and videos from some of those flights soon on this blog.


One thought on “Four GA flights so far

  1. Tatyana February 28, 2016 / 5:31 pm

    Я посмотрела твое видео (briefly). Очень неплохо оно у вас получилось! Очень приятный парень. Он откуда, из Дании? Оказывается, не ты один летаешь в мечтах!


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